Market Analysis

Though as a business strategy we try and fulfill all customer requests we have created a niche in the global market comprising the small (50 per carat) to very small (1000 per carat).With the majority of sales comprising polished diamonds the supply is mainly to globally renowned watchmakers and jewelers in Hong Kong and internationally including Switzerland, Belgium, France, Dubai, USA, Australia, Mauritius, India, China amongst others.

There are limited competitors in the global market and our strength in sourcing at competitive prices and the high quality of customer service with attention to detail has given us an edge over many of our competitors for a number of years. We have also kept pace with technological advancements within the industry investing in high-end synthetic diamond detectors and diamond preparation aids such as diamond counting machines. Investment in latest technology and industry recognized business standards gives us an added edge over many of our competitors.

With regard to adhering to global industry standards the company has policies in place to ensure our local and global suppliers give an undertaking that none of their purchases come from regions that are financed by conflict-diamonds.

We are also a certified member of the RJC (with Provenance Claim) which currently only a few competitors have. Most renowned watchmakers and jewelers now require suppliers to have obtained the RJC certification.

Marketing & Sales

Having been in business for a number of years, the company has a clientele of well-established customers being mainly watch manufacturers and jewelers who have been regular customers over the years. This is mainly because we give detailed individual attention to each of our customers with regular customer feedback and this has ensured a very high percentage of customer retention

We supply diamonds to various brands for which our company is authorized vendor worldwide. Many among them are high-end prestige watch brands in USA and Europe.

In Switzerland we have a sales team based there for several years and within a short span we have a respectable client-base.